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I believe the best way to get started with Infinit Nutrition is the "Quick Consult" which is really anything but quick.  It won't cost you anything for the consult.  Be patient because Infinit Nutrition makes sure that each athlete has what he or she needs.  Make sure you check your spam folder, because the email you're looking for may sometimes wind up there.

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FAQ's from the Infinit Nutrition Fact Card

Q.     Do I need to take gels, food, or salt pills with my custom formulation?
A.     No.  Once you have your formulation "dialed in," you should not need anything else.  Just drink and race.  you are matching calories to body size, electrolytes to sweat rate and history of cramping, , then adding protein and amino acids if you are doing the longer stuff.  Simplicity is the key to a successful nutritional strategy and there is no better way to manage your nutrition than by putting everything you need in one bottle that tastes th way you want.  We have racers doing 24-hour races on virtually nothing but INFINIT.

Q.     What is the best way to transport my formulation for race days lasting more than 3 hours?
A.     There are several ways.  Many of our customers mix 3 or even 4 servings of their custom formulation in one bottle.  That way you can get enough calories for a 6-hour ride into two bottles.  Make sure you drink WATER with your concentrate; drinking a too-highly concentrated formula can cause gastric problems.  The solution should be isotonic, meaning that the osmolality is less than 300 and it will digest easily.  Again, if you concentrate, make sure you are taking the appropriate amount of water INFINIT Tip: You can dial the flavor of your race formula down so it is not too strong without affecting the number of calories or electrolytes.  For the run, just mix your regular flavor formula in heavy concentrate and then squirt the solution in ice water at the aid stations.

Q.     Should I have different formulations for different types of racing?
A.     Many of our customers have a few formulas that they use for different conditions.  The most common is a two-part system.  The first formula is an endurance mix with higher calories, some protein and aminos.  They use this for training and for longer duration bike races.  This formula will keep you fueled up and the protein will cut down hunger and eliminate the need for solid foods.  The second is a sprint formulation with lighter calories (10-15% less than the endurance formula) with no protein and some caffeine.  This second formula works great for a pre-race hydration drink, for running and also for any sprint-type racing.

Q.     My formation foams when it is shaken.  Why is this?
A.     Protein foams.  No way around it.  We could put in chemicals to cut down on the amount of foam but we wanted to keep INFINIT 100% natural.  INFINIT Tip: Make your bottles the night before; it cuts down on the foaming.

Q.     How much should I drink per hour?
A.     This depends on your sweat rate.  All athletes should know how much they are sweating per hour in order to have a fluid replacement target.  For training, most of our customers drink their custom formulation as needed.  If they are out on a long training day, they just carry some powder and mix new bottles up when they stop for a break.  For racing you should target one 2-scoop serving per hour and then supplement with water depending on your individual sweat rate.

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