Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Meanest Mommy EVAR 2013

I'm proud to announce that I've been nominated for the Meanest Mommy *sniffle* EVAR Award for 2013.

The whole family is suffering the effects of a cold and the preceding grocery store trip did little to improve our moods.

I'd seen the pictures on the internet of the kids in their "We Will Get Along" Shirts.  Unfortunately my kids are pretty different in height, so even my husband's biggest shirt didn't work out safely.

So...  I improvised.  I let them know that they had to get along for five minutes before I'd set them free, and if they argued or if I heard anyone crying, I'd restart the clock.

See the belt around them?

I'm honored to be nominated by BOTH my children.  I believe it means that I'm getting this parenting thing right.  I mean, without the parenting manual and all.  I'll make sure and remember to mention my mother when I write my acceptance speech - she did wish that I would have one just like me someday.  Maybe I'll pass that along to my kids too.

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