Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Training runs and Bustin' moves...

I'm sitting here bopping to the music on one of the Phineas and Ferb shows while my Support Crew eats breakfast and bops along with me.  The music makes me think of last night's training run.

I had a great training run last night, but for one exception:  I treated myself and dusted off my poor, neglected mp3 player.

I'm not kidding that it was a treat.  I LOVE music.  It really gets me moving and helps keep my mind off the miles, which have become harder since some of the miles have recently included firefighting gear.  Since starting triathlon, the mp3 player has taken up residence in a forgotten place with the running shoes I no longer use but can't bear to throw away, race shwag I haven't found a use for yet, long expired coupons and receipts for athletic products, etc. The problem with listening to music comes when the chorus of "Bust a Move" comes on in the middle of an intersection and I have the sudden urge to stop running and literally bust a move.  Too bad I have the same dancing skills my two year old has.  It's much cuter when he does it, though. 

So, I don't doubt the the miles were slower than I had wanted, and my movements that had absolutely nothing to do with the motions required for forward progress attracted some attention.  But it was fun.  And that's really the point.  There's almost always this point in a race where I think "I don't want to do this anymore." It doesn't usually last long, though.  I won't always be (one of) the fastest in my age group and I won't always meet the goal.  But I will always accomplish something.  Even if it is just to have fun.

And to show my kids, er, I mean, Support Crew, you can do anything you want to.

Why do you run or swim or bike?


  1. You could not find a better support crew than that! I run to live and live to run.

  2. That's a great reason Anon. And I agree about my support crew-they're awesome!