Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Apex Endurance

I am thrilled to announce that Apex Endurance is officially a sponsor!

Leading up to Ironman Texas, I trained myself based on a free basic plan I found on the internet.  I have no knowledge of how to train, I just went out there and logged the time and the miles.  I'm not knocking the method - it worked rather well for me, as it does for countless others.  But I know nothing about training zones, tempo runs, swimming drills, how to use my power numbers the right way, or how to raise my cycling cadence from the low it is now.

Jeff's already started to reshape the way I see training, and as a result, I've learned so much.  The next few months should prove interesting, exciting and successful based on what I've learned and what I be doing in training.

I've stalked the athlinks results of a friend of mine who is coached by Apex, and WOW.  She really rocks the races that she does.  She frequently reached the podium last season and this season.

Are you looking for a coach?  Apex is based out of Houston, and I'm in Central Texas, so distance isn't really an issue.  Jeff uses TrainingPeaks to organize and set up the training.  And it's so easy to understand what you need to do for each training session, once you find your way around TrainingPeaks.  Need motivation to keep going?  Here it is - you'll get personalized training based on what you're capable of and what your goals are.

What's next for YOU?

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