Friday, June 8, 2012

Best Pictures of Ironman Texas 2012 and Giveaway

I came across these images while I was looking for any pictures of myself in the "lost and found" section of the images from Ironman Texas.  Finisherpix did an outstanding job that day, and I only wish they were there for more of my events.  I'll be downloading my own images as soon as I finish going through the lost and found.  In the meantime, I'm presenting these to you, mostly without comment.  Why?  Because it's giveaway time again!!!!  I'm going to link these to my facebook page here and you can go over there and get involved.  There are two parts to the contest.

Here's the rules:
  1. We're going to pick our favorite picture.  The one with the most 'likes'  on 6/22 at noon is the winner!  
  2. Once we've done that, we're going to caption it. (Bwahahahahahahah!)  Go ahead and start captioning the pictures now if you want.  At noon on 6/27, the caption with the most likes will win the giveaway!!!
  3. NO CRUELTY.  The athletes below worked hard to get to this point, and the day pictured was hard.  If you are intentionally mean, your caption will be deleted and then you will be banned.
  4. If any athlete pictured below wishes me to remove the image, I will do it without question.
  5. I want to stress that the pictures were posted here because I love them.  They were probably some of the most lighthearted or truthful moments of the entire day, the athletes made those hard times look easy, and Finisherpix did an incredible job of capturing them on film.  Some of these pictures tell the best story of the day.

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